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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Natalie and Alan: Wedding

This particular blog post is extra special. At the beginning of this month Chris and I got to go back home to Tennessee, but this wasn't just any visit. It was a crazy exciting one for me for two reasons:
1. My baby brother was getting married!
2. I was getting to photograph it!

The wedding day started perfectly. Natalie was a photographer's dream: relaxed, cracking jokes, letting me get right up in her face with no make-up... (<3 you!) There was a bit of rain right around the time we were ready to do the bridal shots. Natalie was a trooper and let us keep her outside when the sprinklets started to fall. It passed through quick enough, turning into a blessing in disguise because it cooled things down a bit. I know Natalie was happy about that because, well, being outside too long in a wedding dress in June is never easy.

Where were the guys during all of this? Running around taking care of last minute business. They even drove to the reception site to drop off Alan's car so it would be ready and waiting. The girls told them to make sure and honk their horn when they were close to the church so we would know to get Natalie hidden away. Soon we heard this really loud "HOOOOOOONNNNNK!!!!" And it got louder as it got closer. It was hilarious. I swear they sat on that horn for a good thirty seconds if not longer. Good job boys. You did well. :) We took the guys outside for their shots and then it was time to tuck everyone away to get ready for the main event!

The ceremony went so smoothly. Natalie looked beautiful and was beaming as she walked through the doors and headed down the isle. Alan had a pretty big smile on his face too. ;) They both looked so happy as they exchanged their vows and placed the rings on each other's fingers. There were definitely some pretty proud mamas and papas in the crowd. After the "you may kiss the bride!" everyone clapped and cheered.

There was a limo waiting to take them to the reception. Lucky me, I got to ride with them! The trip was so much fun that it was hard to keep from snapping pictures every second. Once we got there, we stole Natalie and Alan to grab some newlywed shots. The Flatwater Grill in Oak Ridge has a really nice setting with a picturesque view (ha) and the light was perfect.

The reception was a LOT of fun. The food was fantastic and people were dancing the whole time. When it was time to leave, everyone lit up sparklers and Alan and Natalie ran through... about three different times. :)

Dr. and Mrs. Knauth: We are so happy for you two! We had a ridiculously good time and loved documenting every second. Congratulations, kids. We love you!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shera and Sam: Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Shera and Sam's winter wedding. They had a beautiful sunny day to celebrate their nuptials. With the chill in the air, they made the decision to have their wedding indoors at the Woodlands Resort. What a gorgeous property for a celebration!

Shera and Sam were both so trusting and willing, making our job easy and so much fun. As we watched them exchange vows in front of their friends and family, it was obvious to all present that nothing but love and openness exist between these two newlyweds. The support and fun nature of both families came through in the reception where we all danced the night away.

Congrats and best wishes to you both! We love you guys!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ashley and Ed: Wedding

Anyone who has ever been involved in a wedding knows how rare it is for the day to go just as planned. It's the way that the bride handles these "hiccups" that keeps the day flowing smoothly or lets it turn into a downward spiral of disappointments.

Ashley and Ed's wedding was no exception. They had visions of saying "I do" in a beautifully lit garden on a crisp December evening at the Parador in downtown Houston. God, however, had other plans. The day was gray and wet, putting the couple's plans for a garden ceremony to an end. Though disappointed, Ashley and Ed had a back-up plan to tie the knot inside the beautiful Parador itself.

Ashley was the calmest bride I have been lucky enough to work with. As the girls were rustling around to get ready, Ashley floated between them fixing their hair, laughing and joking the whole time. The steamer they had planned to use for Ashley's dress decided to quit before it ever started and while bridesmaids rounded up husbands and friends to hunt for another, Ashley stayed content as could be. Once she was finally able to step into that dress, she looked beyond beautiful and was ready to go see her Ed - after careful transfer of her dress over the wet ground of course.

During all of the activity over on the girls' side, the guys were casually getting ready on theirs. They were upbeat and excited, keeping Ed occupied to calm his nerves. They sipped their wine as they watched guests fill the Parador. It was almost time for Ed to see his bride.

The big moment had finally arrived. Ashley's song started and the doors opened, revealing her for the first time. A huge smile spread across Ed's face as his beautiful bride walked toward him to start the rest of their lives together.

Then it was time for the new Mr. and Mrs. to let loose and party. So, after a fancy buffet, that's just what they did. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Not only do Ashely and Ed completely love each other, but it is also clear that they hold a special place in the hearts of their friends and family. Thank you two so much for letting us be a part of your day. We wish you nothing but the best!